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Welcome to DVD Studio Pro

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DVD Studio Pro plays a key part in delivering your video projects to your viewers. This
chapter covers many of the basics you need to know about to author and burn successful

This chapter covers the following:

Moving from iDVD to DVD Studio Pro

(p. 13)

About Standard and High Definition DVDs

(p. 14)

About DVD Studio Pro and HD Resolution DVDs

(p. 15)

HD Video Assets

(p. 17)

Brief Overview of the DVD Creation Process

(p. 19)

What Makes a DVD Authoring System?

(p. 25)

Hard Disk Storage

(p. 25)

SCSI Devices

(p. 25)

DVD Burners

(p. 26)

DLT Drives

(p. 29)

External Video and Audio Monitoring

(p. 29)

Audio and Video Assets

(p. 31)

Moving from iDVD to DVD Studio Pro

The Apple entry-level DVD authoring application is iDVD. It allows you to create simple
DVD-Video titles with some of the most popular features found in Hollywood-style releases,
without having to know any technical details about the process. The interface and feature
set are configured to make the process nearly foolproof.

Eventually, however, you will find yourself requiring features beyond those that iDVD
offers. DVD Studio Pro gives you access to a wide range of professional features outlined
in the DVD specification:

• Support for multiple video, audio, and subtitle streams, making it easy to create discs

that support multiple languages or add features such as a director’s commentary