DVD Studio Pro - What Are Templates and Styles?

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What Are Templates and Styles?

Templates and styles both contain properties, such as background assets, button
highlights, and text colors, that you use to create a menu. While templates cover all
aspects of a menu, styles are targeted to specific areas. Applying a template to a menu
can result in a mostly finished menu—you may only need to link the buttons. With styles,
you generally work with an existing menu, and then use the styles to change specific
areas such as a button’s shape or a text object’s font.

In addition to the supplied templates and styles, you can create your own. You can import
and use these templates and styles in many different projects.

Each template and style can be self-contained, including the actual assets used in the
template or style, such as backgrounds, audio files, and shapes. Or, they can reference
assets located in a folder on your hard disk.

Note: Templates and styles are in either PAL or NTSC format. You cannot use a template
or style created using NTSC assets in a PAL project. The Palette only shows templates and
styles that are compatible with the current project’s video standard. Additionally, templates
using HD-specific resolutions (such as 1280 x 720p) or HD-specific video formats (HDV or
H.264) cannot be imported into SD projects.