DVD Studio Pro - Importing a Shape

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Importing a Shape

You can import shapes that you create. See

Creating Shapes

for information on creating


When you import shapes, you choose whether they are specific to a project or shared.

To import a shape


Click Import in the Shape tab in the Palette.


Chapter 14

Using Templates, Styles, and Shapes to Create Your Menus

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In the selection dialog that appears, locate and select the shape (or shapes) to import.

Select if you want
the imported shapes
to be used only with
this project.


Select the Project checkbox if you want the shapes to be used only with this project.
Deselect the checkbox to make them available to all projects on this system.


Click Import.

The imported shapes now appear in their group (Project or Custom).

For custom shapes, the shape file is copied to the [root]/Library/Application
Support/DVD Studio Pro/Shapes folder. For project shapes, the shape is copied to the
project bundle. (Apple shapes are contained in the DVD Studio Pro application bundle.)