DVD Studio Pro - Deleting a Shape

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Deleting a Shape

You can delete one or more shapes.

To delete a shape


In the Palette, select the shape’s group (Apple, Custom, or Project) that contains the shape
or shapes to be deleted.

Note: If you delete an Apple shape, you must reinstall DVD Studio Pro to get the shape


Select the shape or shapes to delete. Use the Shift key to select multiple shapes.


Click the Shape tab’s Delete button.

The shape’s file is deleted from its location (as determined by its group).

Note: You cannot delete a shape that is currently in use on a menu.


Chapter 14

Using Templates, Styles, and Shapes to Create Your Menus

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The layered method allows you to create independent versions of each button for each
of the three states. This gives you great flexibility in changing a button’s appearance
when it is selected and activated.

This chapter covers the following:

About Layered Menus

(p. 335)

Choosing the Menu’s Background

(p. 336)

Choosing the Menu’s Overlay

(p. 338)

About the Menu Inspector for Layered Menus

(p. 338)

Adding Buttons to Your Layered Menu

(p. 343)

About Layered Menu Button Properties

(p. 344)

Options in the Drop Palette for Layered Menus

(p. 348)

Drop Palette for Layered Menus—Dragging Assets

(p. 349)

Drop Palette for Layered Menus—Dragging Project Elements

(p. 353)

About Layered Menus

When you create menus using the layered method, you specify independent 24-bit layers
in an Adobe Photoshop file (PSD) for each state (normal, selected, and activated) of each
button (as opposed to using an overlay or shapes, as you do with the standard method).

Layered Menu Creation Method

for a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages

of this method.

Menus created with the layered method can also use overlays. See

Choosing the Menu’s


for details on using overlays. See

Starting and Working with a Menu

for information

on creating a layered menu, naming it, and adding assets to it.

Note: You cannot change an existing menu from one kind of menu (standard or layered)
to the other.