DVD Studio Pro - Locations of Template and Style Files

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Locations of Template and Style Files

Template and style files are placed in different locations based on whether or not they
are project-exclusive. When you import template and style files, they are also copied to
these locations.

Custom Template and Style Files
When you save a template that is not specific to a project, it is placed at the root of your
disk, in this location: /Library/Application Support/DVD Studio Pro/Templates. All template
files have a “.dsptemplate” extension.

Style files are placed at the same location, in a Styles folder: /Library/Application
Support/DVD Studio Pro/Styles. All style files have a “.dspstyle” extension, regardless of
the type of style they are. To avoid confusion, be sure to indicate the style type when
naming your style.

Project Template and Style Files
When you save a project template or style, it is added to the project bundle file (the file
created when you save your project). Project templates and styles cannot be shared with
other projects or systems. If you want to share them, you can add a menu to your project,
apply the template or style to it, and then create a new template or style from the menu,
setting it so that it is not specific to the project. This creates a new template or style file
in the folders mentioned above.

Apple Template and Style Files
The Apple template and style files provided with DVD Studio Pro are at /Library/Application
Support/Final Cut Studio/DVD Studio Pro/. Because these are the same for all
DVD Studio Pro systems, there is no reason to copy these to another system.