DVD Studio Pro - Adding Menu Languages

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Adding Menu Languages

You can use the Outline tab’s shortcut menu to create menu languages.

To create menu languages
Do one of the following:


Choose Project > Add to Project > Language, or press Command-Slash (/).


Control-click in the Outline tab, choose Add from the shortcut menu, then choose
Language from the submenu.

The new language appears in the Outline tab under the Languages heading. By default
it is named “English _,” with “_” being the number of the language. The General pane in
DVD Studio Pro Preferences contains a project default language setting that you can use
to define the default language. See

General Preferences

for more information.


For every language you add, DVD Studio Pro creates a new menu for each

menu in your project. This is true whether or not you assign different backgrounds to
each language. For projects with a lot of motion menus, these additional menus can take
up a significant amount of space on the DVD.


Chapter 16

Using Advanced Menu Features