DVD Studio Pro - Using the Menu Transition Feature

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Using the Menu Transition Feature

The menu transition feature makes it easy to automatically create transition clips for all
buttons on a menu. You define a transition in the Menu Inspector that is then applied to
all buttons and the timeout action (if set). By default, each button is set to use the menu’s
transition settings; however, you can modify or disable the settings for each button.

Transition settings include:

• Transition (crossfade, wipe, and so on)

• Specific parameters based on the transition type (duration, direction, and so on)

• Alternative start and end video

The menu transition feature can be used with standard and layered menus.


Be aware of the aspect ratio and resolution of the button’s target when

configuring transitions. All transitions from a menu are based on the menu’s aspect ratio
and resolution. Depending on the type of monitor a viewer is using, if the button’s target
uses a different aspect ratio or transition, there may be a noticeable glitch when the
monitor switches from the menu’s settings to the button target’s settings.


Chapter 16

Using Advanced Menu Features