DVD Studio Pro - Showing the VTS Editor

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Showing the VTS Editor

The VTS Editor is located in the Outline tab. By default, the VTS Editor is hidden in the
Outline tab.

Indicates that the
project’s elements are
listed by their type, with
no VTS information.

Alternate View button
swaps view between
By Type and By VTS.

Adds a new empty VTS
(active only when the
By VTS display is visible).

Drag this edge to split
the tab and show both
By Type and By VTS.

To show the VTS Editor
Do one of the following:


Click the Alternate View button.


Chapter 23

Using Advanced Features

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The Outline tab changes from the current display, either By Type or By VTS, to the alternate
display. If the display is in a split-view mode (showing both By Type and By VTS), clicking
the Alternate View button swaps sides between the two views.


Drag the partition toward the tab’s center.

The partition edge can be on the left or right—it is the side that has the handle indication.