DVD Studio Pro - DVD Playback and VTS Blocks

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DVD Playback and VTS Blocks

When you play a DVD and a jump must occur, such as when a menu button is selected
that jumps to a track’s chapter marker, there is a slight pause while the DVD player’s laser
locates where to jump to on the disc.

If the track is in a different VTS block than the menu: The laser must first jump to the video

manager files, and from there on to the track’s VTS.

If the track is in the same VTS block as the menu: The laser is able to go directly to the



Chapter 23

Using Advanced Features

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You can improve a disc’s playback performance by keeping related elements together
whenever possible. For example, you should place the scripts used with a specific track
in the same VTS as the track.

Because menus often link to multiple tracks or slideshows, you will not be able to keep
them together with everything they can jump to. However, you can minimize the time
a DVD player spends jumping from the menu to the video manager files by keeping the
menus in the first VTS, which is physically located close to the video manager files.


Standard SD DVD Video Zone Files

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