DVD Studio Pro - Rules for Entering DVD@CCESS Links

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Rules for Entering DVD@CCESS Links

Enter your links in the following format:

Note: The entry cannot contain any spaces.

Internet links: Enter the entire link. For example:



Chapter 23

Using Advanced Features

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File links: To view a file you have placed in a folder on the DVD, enter:


where DVDName is the name of the disc entered in the Disc Inspector, FolderName is
the folder the file will be in on the DVD, and FileName is the file (the name may include
an extension such as .pdf or .jpg).

The file path information is case-sensitive. Be sure you enter it exactly right. Additionally,
what you enter for FolderName is not the same folder you enter as the DVD-ROM
Location in the General tab of the Disc Inspector—it is actually the name of the folder
that is placed at the root of the disc. See


for more information.


Filenames and paths using double-byte characters may not work correctly

on systems configured for single-byte characters.

Email links: Enter the email link as: