DVD Studio Pro - Issues with Display Conditions

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Issues with Display Conditions

There are several issues with using display conditions that you should be aware of:

The Last Chapter Played setting is reliable only when assigned to menus: When using the

Last Chapter Played setting for display conditions assigned to a track or story, you get
unreliable playback on some DVD players. The Last Chapter Played setting can be used
reliably with display conditions assigned to menus.

Display Conditions using the subtitle stream number only work with the subtitle stream set

to View: When you configure a display condition for a track or story that uses the subtitle
stream number option, the display condition works correctly only if the subtitle stream
is set to be viewed. For example, if you configure a menu’s button to use subtitle stream
S1 and a track has a display condition configured for subtitle stream S1, the display
condition only works correctly if you also select the subtitle stream’s View checkbox in
the Button Inspector.

Some DVD players do not allow parental level in display conditions: Some DVD players

do not process the parental level option correctly when used in a display condition,
allowing content to play that should be disallowed.


DVD players always set SPRM 13 to Not Rated when playing DVDs authored

with DVD Studio Pro.