DVD Studio Pro - Example: Setting a Video Configuration Display Condition

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Example: Setting a Video Configuration Display Condition

For this example, you have a project with two versions of a track; one has the buttons
over video optimized for pan-scan and the other has them optimized for letterbox. This
display condition will use the video configuration information (SPRM 14) to choose which
version to play.

To configure a video configuration display condition for a track


Choose the track containing the pan-scan optimized video.


Click the General tab in the Track Inspector.


Select the Display Condition checkbox.


Choose Video Player Config from the conditional element pop-up menu.


Choose = (equal) from the conditional relationship pop-up menu.


Enter 256 as the conditional state.

This is the value for SPRM 14 that indicates the DVD player is set for pan-scan. See


14: Player Video Configuration

for more information.


Choose the track, optimized for letterbox, that you want to use as the alternative to this
track from the Alternate Target pop-up menu.

With this display condition, the video configuration of the DVD player is checked to see
if it is set at pan-scan. If it is, the track plays. If not, the player jumps to the letterbox track
and it is played.


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