DVD Studio Pro - Comparing Display Conditions and Pre-Scripts

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Comparing Display Conditions and Pre-Scripts

All three elements (menus, tracks, and stories) that can have display conditions can also
have pre-scripts. Pre-scripts are scripts that are assigned to an element. They can do
everything a display condition can do and more. There are some specific differences to
be aware of:

• When an element has both a pre-script and a display condition, the pre-script executes


• Pre-scripts only execute if you have jumped to the root of the element they are assigned

to, either by choosing the element’s name in the Connections tab or the name in square
brackets in the shortcut menus. If you connect directly to a marker, slide, or menu
button, the pre-script does not run. Display conditions, however, run any time the
element it is assigned to is jumped to, whether you jump to its root or to a specific
marker, slide, or button.

• On the DVD, pre-scripts are automatically placed with all other scripts in the VTS 1 file

group. This can cause slight delays when executing them because the DVD player may
have to jump significant distances to get to and from the script. Display conditions
reside in the same file groups as the element they are assigned to, which makes them
more efficient when playing.

Note: You can use the VTS Editor to manually place pre-scripts in the same VTS block
as the element it is assigned to. See

VTS Editor

for more information.


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