DVD Studio Pro - Viewing a Tab’s Contents

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Viewing a Tab’s Contents

When you have multiple tabs in a quadrant, only one is active and can be seen. There
are several methods you can use to make a tab active so that it appears in front of the

To view a tab’s contents
Do one of the following:


Click the tab you want to view.


Choose Window > [name of tab].


Use the tab’s keyboard shortcut. For a compete list of keyboard shortcuts, see

Keyboard Shortcuts


Note: If a tab is hidden, choosing it from the Window menu or using the keyboard shortcut
makes it appear as a separate window.

In many cases, selecting an element in the Outline or Graphical tab automatically activates
related tabs (if they are assigned to a quadrant). For example, if you double-click a menu
in the Outline tab, the Menu tab becomes active.