DVD Studio Pro - Viewing Connections

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Viewing Connections

You can configure the Graphical tab to show lines indicating which elements are connected
to each other. Arrows indicate which element is the target.

The connection lines are useful when you want to view the project as a flowchart. They
can also be helpful to ensure you have not inadvertently left out an intended connection.

Note: You cannot make connections or change existing connections in the Graphical tab.


Chapter 10

The DVD Studio Pro Interface

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You can customize how many connections appear with the Graphical tab’s Settings
pop-up menu.

No Connections: No connection lines appear.

Relative Connections: Only the connections relating to the currently selected tile or tiles


All Connections: All tiles show their connections.

Basic, Standard, and Advanced Connections: Control how much connection detail to

show. These three levels match a similar setting in the Connections tab. See



Source Details

for more information.

To configure the Graphical tab’s connections view


Open the Graphical tab’s Settings pop-up menu.


Choose to show no connections, relative connections for selected tiles only, or all


Choose the level of connections to show (basic, standard, or advanced).