DVD Studio Pro - Printing the Graphical Tab’s Tile Area

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Printing the Graphical Tab’s Tile Area

Printing the Graphical tab’s tile area can be a useful way to show others the basic
construction of a project. The contents of the Graphical tab print as they currently appear
with respect to tile size and placement and connection view status.

You can choose to print the whole tile area on a single sheet of paper or to print the tile
area over multiple sheets of paper.

To print the Graphical tab’s tile area


Choose File > Print Graphical View (or press Command-P).


Choose DVD Studio Pro from the print configuration pop-up menu.


Select one of the following:

Fit to Page: Prints the entire tile area on one sheet.


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The DVD Studio Pro Interface

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Multiple Pages: Prints the tile area at full size, using as many sheets of paper as necessary.


Select the Page Numbers option to add page numbers to each sheet. This is especially
useful when you select Multiple Pages.


Click Preview to see an example of how the printed document will look, or Print to print
the tile area.