DVD Studio Pro - Toolbar Items

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Toolbar Items

The following items (listed in alphabetical order) can appear in the toolbar.

Note: With the exception of Space, Flexible Space, and Separator, you can have only one
of each item in the toolbar.

Add Language: Adds a new menu language to the project.

Add Layered Menu: Adds a new layered menu to the project.

Add Menu: Adds a new standard menu to the project.

Add Slideshow: Adds a new slideshow to the project.

Add Story: Adds a story to the currently selected track (or the first one, if none is currently


Add Script: Adds a new script to the project.

Add Track: Adds a new track to the project.


Chapter 10

The DVD Studio Pro Interface

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Build: Compiles your project and creates a video title set (VIDEO_TS folder) of your


Build/Format: First builds the video title set, then writes it to a DVD drive, DLT drive, or

as a disk image to a hard disk.

Burn: Builds the video title set and writes it to your DVD burner using the current Disc

Inspector settings.

Configurations: Opens the Configuration Manager dialog so that you can manage or

apply an interface configuration.

Customize Toolbar: Opens the toolbar palette.

Disc Meter: Displays the disc meter. A progress bar shows both the amount of disc

space used and what is still available (based on the Disc Media you select in the
Disc/Volume tab in the Disc Inspector). The number underneath the progress bar shows
the amount of space used.

Flexible Space: Inserts a space into the toolbar that automatically expands to fill any

existing empty space. This ensures that there are tools at the left and right edges of
the toolbar.

Format: Writes the video title set to a DVD drive, Digital Linear Tape (DLT) drive, or as

a disk image to a hard disk.

Import Asset: Opens the Import Asset dialog, allowing you to select assets to import

into the project.

Inspector: Displays the Inspector.

Menu Editor: Displays the Menu Editor.

Palette: Displays the Palette in its last configuration.

Read DLT: If a DLT drive is connected and a DLT tape inserted, reads the tape contents

and writes them to the designated drive.

Separator: Inserts a vertical bar into the toolbar, allowing you to group tools.

Show Colors: Opens the Colors window.

Show Fonts: Opens the Fonts window.

Simulate: Opens the project Simulator, allowing you to try out your project before

actually building it.

Slideshow Editor: Displays the Slideshow Editor.

Space: Inserts a fixed space into the toolbar. This allows you to group tools by adding

a fixed space between them.

Story Editor: Displays the Story Editor.

Track Editor: Displays the Track Editor.

Viewer: Displays the Viewer tab.


Chapter 10

The DVD Studio Pro Interface