DVD Studio Pro - Viewing and Using Assets

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Viewing and Using Assets

Once you have added folders containing compatible assets, you can show the assets and
drag them to your project.

To show a folder’s assets


Select the folder that contains the assets you want to see. You can select multiple folders
by dragging the pointer over a group of folders, holding down the Shift key and clicking
the folders (if they are contiguous), or holding down the Command key and clicking the
folders (if they are not together).

You can change the Palette’s size to control how many assets you can see. You can also
drag its separator bar to control the sizes of the folder list and assets area.

There are five columns in the Audio tab (Name, Artist, Length, Sample, and Type) that
show additional information about each asset. Similar to the columns in the Assets tab,
you can change the column order and size, and sort the list based on the column heading
you click. See

Managing Columns in the Assets Tab

for more information.

To play a folder’s video or audio asset


Click the Play button in the bottom-right corner of the Audio or Video tab. Click it a second
time to stop playback.

Audio assets play through your system’s audio setup.

Video assets play in their thumbnail image. The General pane in DVD Studio Pro
Preferences contains a setting that allows you to choose small or large thumbnail images,
which may make viewing the video easier. Also, audio will play along with the video if it
is a QuickTime file with video and audio together or an MPEG file with an audio file in
the same folder with the same root name.

To use the assets in your project


Drag the asset to the Menu Editor, Assets tab, or to any other project element within
DVD Studio Pro that allows you to drag assets in.

You can select and drag multiple assets. You can also drag a folder from the folder list to
the project element to create a slideshow.

Depending on the “Find matching audio when dragging” setting in the Track pane in
DVD Studio Pro Preferences, when you drag an MPEG video asset to an element,
DVD Studio Pro can automatically add the companion audio asset to the element as long
as it is in the same folder and has the same root name as the video asset. Press the
Command key after you start dragging to override the preferences’ setting for dragging
a video file. When you drag a QuickTime asset that also has audio from the Video tab, it
is treated like a video/audio pair.


Chapter 10

The DVD Studio Pro Interface

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The DVD Studio Pro interface includes a toolbar that can be customized to display exactly
the tools you need. The toolbar provides one-click access to a variety of functions, such
as creating menus and slideshows or simulating your title.

You can customize the toolbar in a variety of ways, including selecting the tools to include,
rearranging them, and choosing whether both the tool’s icon and text appear.

Note: Choosing a new user configuration from the Window menu also changes the
toolbar contents. Be sure to save a new user configuration once you are finished
customizing the toolbar.