DVD Studio Pro - Media Tabs

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Media Tabs

The Palette includes a set of three media tabs—labeled Audio, Stills, and Video—that
display DVD Studio Pro–compatible assets located in folders that you specify. You can
add these assets to your project by dragging them from the Palette to the Assets tab,
Menu Editor, or anywhere else you can directly add assets.

Select a folder from this
list to view its contents.

Click this button
to play the selected
audio or video asset.

The assets in the
selected folder

Drag this separator bar
to control how many
folders appear.

Enter text to search for
in the selected folder.

Use these to add
and delete folders.

The media tabs, and the folders assigned to them, are available to all DVD Studio Pro
projects. They provide an additional method to organize your assets, and are especially
useful for accessing assets you use often.


Assets that appear in the media tabs are not automatically part of a project

in DVD Studio Pro. You must add them to a project by dragging them to it. You should
think of the media tabs as being a specialized Finder window.