DVD Studio Pro - Viewer Tab

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Viewer Tab

The Viewer tab lets you view your project’s elements. See

Viewing a Track

for details on

using the Viewer tab.

The Viewer tab is also used when editing subtitles. You use the tools along the bottom
to build subtitles within DVD Studio Pro or to view subtitles imported from an external
source. The display shows both the subtitle and the first frame of video that it appears
over. See

Creating Subtitles with DVD Studio Pro



Chapter 10

The DVD Studio Pro Interface

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The Inspector is a floating window that displays the properties of the element you are
currently working with. In some cases, it contains multiple tabs, with the properties
grouped by type and function.

With the exception of the Palette, the Inspector always has the highest viewing priority
of the DVD Studio Pro windows—it is never covered by any other DVD Studio Pro window.
(If the Inspector and Palette are in the same area of the screen, the one last selected will
cover the other.) Because it is always on top of the other interface elements, you may
find it useful to keep the window closed until you need it.

You can hide and show the Inspector to suit your needs.