DVD Studio Pro - Duplicating Elements

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Duplicating Elements

You can duplicate elements within the Outline and Graphical tabs. You can build a chapter
index menu, for example, and quickly make duplicates of it that just need to have their
connections changed to become functional.

To duplicate an element


Select the element to duplicate.

You can also select multiple elements.


Do one of the following:

• Choose Edit > Duplicate (or press Command-D).

• If you have selected a single element, Control-click the element, then choose Duplicate

from the shortcut menu.

• If you have selected a group of elements, Control-click in an empty area of the tab,

then choose Duplicate from the shortcut menu.

The new element is named with its type (menu, track, and so on) followed by the next
number. For example, if you duplicate a menu when there are already five menus, the
new one becomes “Menu 6.” In the Outline tab, the new element appears last in the