DVD Studio Pro - Comparing the Outline and Graphical Project Views

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Comparing the Outline and Graphical Project Views

DVD Studio Pro includes two tabs you can use to view and work with your project: the
Outline tab and the Graphical tab. Each tab has its own advantages, and you will most
likely find yourself using both as you create your project.

The Outline and Graphical tabs both:

• Show all project elements

• Allow you to select an element so that you can work on it

• Allow you to rename an element

• Allow you to add, delete, and duplicate elements

• Allow you to show the selected element in the Simulator

• Automatically create new elements when assets are dragged to the tabs, or modify

existing elements if assets are dragged to an existing element in the tabs

• Allow you to drag elements to the Menu Editor to establish connections


Chapter 10

The DVD Studio Pro Interface

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The Outline tab also has these capabilities:

• It includes the menu language elements that you use when configuring your menus

to support multiple languages.

• It includes the VTS Editor that provides extensive control over how your project’s

elements are burned to a DVD.

The Graphical tab also has these capabilities:

• You can choose whether to view all elements or just specific types.

• Elements that use the transitions feature are marked.

• The element assigned as First Play has a special icon.

• You can view connection lines that show which elements have targets set to other


• You can arrange the tiles to provide a flowchart view of the project.

• You can print the Graphical tab.

• You can set a flag on specific elements, making it easy to distinguish them.