DVD Studio Pro - Colors Preferences

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Colors Preferences

The Colors pane contains the color mapping settings for the Menu and Subtitle Editors.

Show: Choose whether to show the settings for the Menu Editor or Subtitle Editor. This

affects all other settings in this pane.

Mapping Type: Choose the type of overlay mapping, Chroma or Grayscale, you are

using. This only applies if you are using advanced overlays. See

Using Advanced Overlay

Color Mapping

for more information.

Selection State: Choose which of the three selection states (Normal, Selected, or

Activated) to configure.

Set: Select which of the three color mapping sets to configure. These settings are only

active when the Selection State is set to Selected or Activated. See

Color Mapping Sets

for more information.

Key, Color, and Opacity Settings: Choose the color and opacity setting for each of the

overlay’s four colors (shown in the Key column) for each selection state and set. See

Colors Tab in the Menu Inspector with Advanced Selected

for more information.

Note: Shapes and simple overlays use the black key color (the top one) for their

Palette: This shows the colors in the color mapping palette. You can change a color by

clicking it and selecting a new color in the Colors window. See

Setting the Colors in

the Color Palette

for more information.


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