DVD Studio Pro - Opening an Existing Project

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Opening an Existing Project

There are several methods you can use to open an existing DVD Studio Pro 4 project.
These methods can also be used to open projects created with earlier versions of
DVD Studio Pro. See

Importing Other Projects

for more information on opening earlier

DVD Studio Pro projects.

To open an existing project
Do one of the following:


Choose File > Open (or press Command-O).


Chapter 9

Starting a Project

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Press Command-O.


Double-click the project file in a Finder window.

If a project is already open in DVD Studio Pro, a dialog appears, prompting you to save
it if it has not already been saved.

Note: DVD Studio Pro only allows you to have one project open at a time.

To open a recently opened project


Choose File > Open Recent > [name of project].

You can choose File > Open Recent > Clear Menu to remove existing projects from the
Open Recent submenu.

There are several issues to be aware of when opening an existing project:

• If you open a DVD Studio Pro project that uses a font that is not on the computer you

are opening it on (either because the font was deleted or the project was created on
a different computer), any items using the missing font have a different font substituted
with no warning.

There are three items in a DVD Studio Pro project that utilize fonts: a menu’s text objects,
a button’s text, and text-based subtitles.

• When you open a project that uses assets requiring parse files, DVD Studio Pro checks

to see if the files are available. If not, it creates them as part of the project-opening
process; in these cases, the project takes longer to open. It is not uncommon for the
parse files to be left behind when moving a project and its assets from one computer
to another. Creating the parse files can take from a few seconds to several minutes,
depending on the number and length of the assets used in the project. A progress bar
indicates the completion status of the parse file. See

About the Parse Files

for more

information about parse files.

• When you open a project that DVD Studio Pro is unable to locate assets for, a Missing

Files window appears. You can use the window to manually locate the assets. If you
choose to open the project with missing assets, those assets are displayed in red in the
Assets tab, and any elements that use them are disabled. See

Missing or Renamed


for more information.

• Multiple users can open the same project over a network. This can lead to problems if

each user makes changes and resaves the project. When another user opens the same
project you are currently working with, an alert appears that names the other user and
computer that opened the project.


DVD Studio Pro does not prevent multiple users from writing to a project.

You must use care to avoid this situation and immediately resolve any alerts that appear.


Chapter 9

Starting a Project