DVD Studio Pro - Using the Integrated MPEG Encoder

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Using the Integrated MPEG Encoder

When QuickTime assets that are not DVD-compliant are imported into a DVD Studio Pro
project, they must be made DVD-compliant. DVD Studio Pro uses its integration with
Compressor to encode these assets.

This integration with Compressor provides simplified encoding functionality, with the
more advanced attributes automatically set.

Note: If you would like to encode the assets using more advanced Compressor
functionality or to take advantage of distributed encoding, you can encode the assets
directly in Compressor.

For video assets, the integrated MPEG encoder outputs an MPEG-2 video stream with a
closed GOP pattern and a fixed GOP size (15 frames for NTSC and 12 frames for PAL). The
exported MPEG video stream can be used for multi-angle tracks. The file type is “.m2v.”

Settings in the MPEG-2 SD and MPEG-2 HD Tabs

for information on configuring other

aspects of the integrated encoder.

If the file to be encoded has audio multiplexed together with the video, the audio is
encoded as a PCM audio file and given the same name as the video file, but with an “.aiff”


Preparing Audio Assets

for more information on audio formats.

Transcoding with the Integrated MPEG Encoder

If you import a QuickTime asset whose video standard is different from the project’s
current setting, the integrated MPEG encoder automatically transcodes the asset to the
project’s video standard while encoding it. For example, if you are working on a PAL
project and accidentally import an NTSC QuickTime file, the NTSC file is encoded as a
PAL asset and is imported into the project. Similarly, if you import an HD asset into an
SD project, the HD asset is automatically transcoded to SD.

You should be aware, though, that the integrated encoder uses the default Compressor
Frame Controls settings (which control the quality of frame size and rate conversions),
and the results you get may not be suitable for use in a project. Using Compressor
directly or any of a variety of third-party products can provide good transcoding results.
You may also choose to have a facility that specializes in video standards conversion
transcode the video.