DVD Studio Pro - Importing 24 fps Assets

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Importing 24 fps Assets

How DVD Studio Pro handles your 24 fps assets depends on whether or not they are
already MPEG-2 encoded:

If you import 24 fps MPEG-2 assets: They are handled correctly and remain 24 fps when

you build the project.

Note: 24 fps assets show as their display rate setting when viewed in the Track Editor.
This makes them appear as if they were at the NTSC or PAL frame rate. You can confirm
they are actually 24 fps by selecting them in the Assets tab and verifying the frame rate
in the Asset Inspector.

If you import 24 fps QuickTime assets: They are encoded as either 29.97 fps or 25 fps

MPEG-2 files, based on your project’s video standard, and are no longer 24 fps when
you build the project.


Chapter 4

Preparing Video Assets

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To create a 24 fps MPEG-2 asset, you need to use Compressor (included with
DVD Studio Pro) or a third-party encoder that supports encoding 24 fps MPEG-2 assets.