DVD Studio Pro - Using Final Cut Pro and Compressor

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Using Final Cut Pro and Compressor

In addition to the chapter and compression markers you can manually add to a video
clip in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express, compression markers are automatically added
at each edit point.

The manually added chapter and compression markers (also known as named markers)
are processed by the integrated MPEG encoder and by Compressor when used directly.
Be sure to add identically placed chapter and compression markers to each video clip
you intend to use in a mixed- or multi-angle track.

The integrated MPEG encoder ignores the automatic compression markers, because they
can alter the GOP structure and make the clip unusable for mixed- and multi-angle tracks.

You can either set Compressor to process the automatic compression markers or ignore
them. The Extras pane of the Compressor MPEG-2 presets includes an “Include chapter
markers only” checkbox. Select the checkbox to force Compressor to ignore the automatic
compression markers if you are encoding clips for use in a mixed- or multi-angle track.

Using Compression Markers to Improve the MPEG Encode

for more information about

compression markers.