DVD Studio Pro - Considerations for Mixed-Angle Tracks

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Considerations for Mixed-Angle Tracks

Mixed-angle tracks provide the possibility of interesting playback scenarios. The illustration
below shows a track that has two sections with three alternate angles, with playback set
to angle 3.



Mixed-angle track with stream 3 playing

There are some additional considerations when creating a mixed-angle track:

• Within a track, you can use markers to define multiple sections to use additional angles,

but each section must have the same number of streams. For example, you cannot
have one section early in the track with two alternate streams and a section later in
the track with three alternate streams—both sections must have either two or three

• Each alternate angle section can be a different length, but all streams within a section

must be the same length. For example, you can have one mixed-angle section early in
the track that is 10 seconds long and a second mixed-angle section that is 20 seconds
long. All alternate streams in the first mixed-angle section must be 10 seconds long;
all alternate streams in the second mixed-angle section must be 20 seconds long.


Chapter 4

Preparing Video Assets

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• You cannot use still images in the V2 through V9 streams. You can use still images in

the V1 stream as long as they are outside of the mixed-angle areas (places where video
is present in the V2 through V9 streams).