DVD Studio Pro - GOP Size (Typical)

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GOP Size (Typical)

15 frames NTSC; 12 frames PAL


Chapter 4

Preparing Video Assets

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Before you can begin building a DVD project, you must have correctly prepared audio
source material.

This chapter covers the following:

Introduction to Preparing Audio Sources

(p. 87)

Audio Formats Not Supported by the DVD Specification

(p. 88)

Audio Formats Supported by the DVD Specification and DVD Studio Pro

(p. 88)

Using Multiple Audio Formats in Your Project

(p. 91)

Required Audio Formats for SD Projects

(p. 91)

DVD Audio Source Settings Summary

(p. 92)

Introduction to Preparing Audio Sources

The DVD specification restricts the types of audio formats that you can include on a DVD.
There are also restrictions on mixing audio of different types within a track or set of menus.
There are also required audio formats to make a DVD-compliant disc.

Three areas in a DVD project can use audio sources:

Tracks: This is the primary area that uses audio sources.

Slideshows: This area can use a single audio source for the entire slideshow or individual

audio sources for each slide. See

Preparing Slideshow Assets

for more information.

Menus: This area uses audio sources when you are creating motion menus. For the

most part, audio sources used for motion menus must follow the same rules as audio
sources used for tracks. See

Preparing Menu Assets

for more information.


DVD Audio Source Settings Summary

for a complete list of settings required for an

audio source to be DVD-compliant.