DVD Studio Pro - About the Markers You Add in an External Editor

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About the Markers You Add in an External Editor

There are several issues to be aware of when adding chapter and compression markers
in an external video editor:

• DVD tracks can support a maximum of 99 chapter markers. Because compression

markers are only used in the MPEG encoding process, they do not count as chapter
markers and do not count against the 99-marker limit. Because you can add several
video assets to a single track in DVD Studio Pro, you must keep in mind that the
99-marker limit applies to the total markers of all assets on the track.

• You cannot place markers closer than one second to each other or within one second

of the clip’s start or end in the editor. This gives the encoder the flexibility to modify
the GOP structures in that area to accommodate the added I-frame.


Chapter 4

Preparing Video Assets

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• If you are going to use a video asset to create a mixed-angle or multi-angle track, all

video streams must have identical MPEG structures. If you add chapter or compression
markers to one stream, you must add them at the exact same place in the other streams.