DVD Studio Pro - Adding Markers to Your Video

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Adding Markers to Your Video

You can add markers to your tracks in the DVD Studio Pro Track Editor. You can use these
markers in a variety of ways—the most common usage is to provide a place in a track to
which a button on a chapter index menu can connect.

Apple video editing applications—Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express—let you add
markers while you edit the video. You can also add markers with Compressor. There are
two types of markers that are important to DVD Studio Pro:

Chapter markers: DVD Studio Pro can import these markers and display them in the

Track Editor.

Compression markers: The integrated MPEG encoder uses these markers to place custom

I-frames in the MPEG-encoded file.

Because DVD Studio Pro can import chapter markers added within Final Cut Pro,
Final Cut Express, and Compressor, you can choose to create the markers in the editing,
compressing, or DVD authoring process. When you import video with chapter markers
into DVD Studio Pro, you see the marker position and marker name you set appear in the
Track Editor. The markers can then be edited within DVD Studio Pro exactly as if you had
manually created them there.

Note: The markers embedded in MPEG files encoded with the DVD Studio Pro 4 version
of the integrated MPEG encoder are not compatible with 1.X versions of DVD Studio Pro.