DVD Studio Pro - About H.264 Video

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About H.264 Video

You can use the H.264 video format, also known as MPEG-4 part 10 and the Advanced
Video Codec (AVC), in your HD projects. The H.264 encoder is twice as efficient as the
standard MPEG-2 encoder. When compared to encoding with MPEG-2, this means that
with the H.264 encoder:

• You can use a lower bit rate to get the same quality, resulting in smaller files.

• You can use the same bit rate and get better quality with the same file size.

While DVD Studio Pro does not include an embedded H.264 encoder, Compressor includes
presets specifically for use in HD projects. You are able to modify these presets to suit
your specific needs.


You must use H.264 for HD DVD presets in Compressor to encode H.264 video

assets for native use in DVD Studio Pro HD projects.