DVD Studio Pro - What Is a Menu?

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What Is a Menu?

Most DVD-Videos have at least one menu. The menu allows the viewer to choose what
to see. If no choices need to be made, such as with a looping movie at a sales kiosk, the
disc can be configured to immediately begin playing the movie, and no menu is required.

For DVDs that have a number of viewing options—such as multiple movies, chapter
selections, and bonus items—menus that are clear and logical can greatly enhance the
viewing experience. Menus that are cluttered, clumsy, and confusing may cause viewers
to become frustrated and give up trying to watch the title.

A menu consists of a background and one or more buttons. The background can be a
simple still image or a full-motion video (a motion menu). The background may or may
not contain content that relates to the buttons; it may be a scenic mountain view or a
multilayered graphic including images for each button. Some menus may also have audio.