DVD Studio Pro - Defining the Menu Loop Point

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Defining the Menu Loop Point

When you configure a looping menu, you have the option of setting the loop point (the
point playback jumps to once the end of the menu’s video is reached) to be different
than the menu’s first frame of video. For example, the menu’s video may have an
introduction that plays before the buttons become active—you would not want the
introduction to play each time the menu loops.

In addition to setting the loop point manually in the Menu Inspector, you can add a
chapter marker, named “MenuLoopPoint,” to the background video while you are editing
it in Motion or Final Cut Pro. DVD Studio Pro automatically sets the menu’s loop point to
match this marker when you assign the video to the menu’s background using one of
the dragging methods, such as dragging the video to the Menu Editor and choosing Set
Background from the Drop Palette. See

Configuring Motion Menu Settings

for more


In Final Cut Pro, you add the chapter marker exactly as you would add a chapter marker
for use in a track. The only requirement is that it be named “MenuLoopPoint.” See


Markers to Your Video

for more information. In Motion, you need to select the Menu Loop

Point option when you add the marker to the video. See the Motion documentation for
more information.


Chapter 6

Preparing Menu Assets