DVD Studio Pro - Shape Aspect Ratios

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Shape Aspect Ratios

Shape graphics are automatically scaled to maintain their aspect ratio. If you create a
square graphic and import it as a shape, it will be scaled so that it remains a square graphic
in DVD Studio Pro (as long as you add it to a menu by dragging it to an empty area).


Chapter 6

Preparing Menu Assets

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While the rescaling makes the graphic look correct in the Menu Editor, the shape’s
dimensions look incorrect as shown in the Button Inspector or Drop Zone Inspector. For
example, if you create a square shape that is 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high, its size
will appear as either 200 pixels wide by 180 high (if applied to an NTSC menu) or 187
pixels wide by 200 pixels high (if applied to a PAL menu), when added to a menu as a
button or drop zone.