DVD Studio Pro - General Shape Information

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General Shape Information

When creating a shape in Photoshop, set the new image settings to the following:

Width and Height: Set to values that will hold the shape at the largest size it will ever

be used at in DVD Studio Pro (quality tends to suffer much more when you make a
shape larger than the original than it does when making the shape smaller). Be sure
the shape’s graphics come as close to the edges of the canvas as possible—the canvas
defines the button’s active area. A typical button size is 200 pixels wide by 150 pixels

Resolution: Set to 72 pixels per inch. DVD Studio Pro bases the image size on the number

of pixels there are—the resolution does not affect its size when used on a menu.

Mode: Set to RGB Color.

Contents: Set to Transparent.

Keep these additional points in mind when creating your shapes:

• It does not matter which layers are visible when you save the shape’s file.

• You do not have to rasterize layers with text. You do have to flatten them if you apply

an effect to them.

• Be sure that the colors you use are within broadcast limits. You can create shapes that

look great in the graphics program but look a lot different once you use them in a DVD

• You may want to design shapes with the specific intention of using them for drop

zones. This allows you to have drop zones with irregular edges. You need to use the
layers exactly as you do when creating a button’s shape, except that the highlight layer
is not used with drop zones. Shapes created for buttons can also be used for drop
zones. See

Adding Drop Zones to Your Menu

for more information.