DVD Studio Pro - Using Your Graphics Program

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Using Your Graphics Program

DVD Studio Pro is designed to import a wide variety of graphics formats, allowing you to
use almost any graphics program to create the menus and overlays.

Supported formats include:

• Adobe Photoshop PSD files

• PICT format files

• BMP format files

• JPEG format files

• QuickTime image files

• Targa (TGA) format files

• TIFF (TIF) format files

Additional support is also included for files that conform to the Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
format. DVD Studio Pro can recognize individual layers and allows you to assign them to
separate functions in a menu. You can even use the same file for several menus by
selecting the appropriate layers to use for each menu.

Layers for standard overlay menus: When creating graphics for standard overlay menus,

you can select the layer (or layers, as is often the case) to use as the background and
the overlay. In this way, a single file can be used in several menus, even sharing elements
(such as a background image). To avoid confusion, assign clear names to each of the

Layers for layered menus: When creating graphics for use as layered menus, in addition

to the layer (or layers) that make up the background, you must create at least two layers
for each button, one showing the selected state and the other showing the activated
state. To show the normal state of each button, you can either build it into the
background layer or create a third layer.


Chapter 6

Preparing Menu Assets