DVD Studio Pro - Tips for Creating Menu Graphics

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Tips for Creating Menu Graphics

Most of the following tips apply to all graphics programs. Several apply specifically to
Adobe Photoshop, although similar issues may exist in other graphics programs.

• Make horizontal lines a minimum of three pixels thick so they won’t flicker on TV screens.

For the same reason, avoid using typefaces with narrow lines. Serif fonts tend to be
more prone to flicker than sans serif fonts.

• Be sure to use a filter that constricts the colors in the graphic to NTSC or PAL color

space. To support broadcast bandwidths, NTSC and PAL video must use colors that are
substantially limited compared to those your graphics program can create. Highly
saturated colors create the biggest problems and produce the biggest disappointments
when viewed on a video monitor.

• Photoshop’s effects layers, transfer modes, and layer styles do not work with

DVD Studio Pro. Be sure to flatten any of these before using them in DVD Studio Pro.