DVD Studio Pro - Audio Sample Rate

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Audio Sample Rate

There are two supported audio sample rates:

• 16 bits or 24 bits

• 48 kHz or 96 kHz


Chapter 5

Preparing Audio Assets

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Before you can begin building a DVD project, you must have correctly prepared menu
source material.

This chapter covers the following:

Introduction to Preparing Menu Sources

(p. 95)

What Is a Menu?

(p. 96)

Creating a Menu

(p. 96)

Creating Graphics to Use in Menus

(p. 97)

Creating Overlays

(p. 101)

Creating a Layered Menu

(p. 106)

Creating Video for Motion Menus

(p. 106)

Defining the Menu Loop Point

(p. 107)

Creating Shapes

(p. 108)

Creating Graphics for Drop Zones and Buttons

(p. 112)

Introduction to Preparing Menu Sources

This chapter describes the various components, such as backgrounds, overlays, buttons,
and drop zones, and strategies you can use to create menus in DVD Studio Pro.

The types of menu sources you need for your DVD project depend on the types of menus
you want to use:

• Will the backgrounds be still images or contain full-motion videos?

• Will you use the provided shapes for your buttons or create your own?

• Will you use the standard method of creating menus or the layered method?

Before you can know how to prepare your menu sources, you need to understand how
DVD Studio Pro uses them. Following is an overview of what makes up a menu and how
menus are used.