DVD Studio Pro - Asset Matte Movie

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Asset Matte Movie

The asset matte movie is required only when an asset movie that does not include an
alpha channel is used by the transition. Having a separate asset matte movie is particularly
useful when the asset movie is normal video (as opposed to an animation).

The asset matte movie must have the same name as the transition asset folder, followed
by “-matte” and can have an extension. For example, if the transition asset folder’s name
is Spinning DVD, the asset matte movie could be named Spinning DVD-matte.mov.

The white areas define
where the asset movie
video appears.

The black areas define
where the background
video (start or end frame,
depending on the switch
point or background
matte movie) appears.

The gray areas define
where the asset movie
video appears, but
is transparent.


Chapter 8

Preparing Alpha Transitions

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The asset matte movie needs to be monochrome, with white identifying the asset movie
video to use, and black identifying the places where the start or end frame video appears.
You can also use levels in between white and black to set a transparency and add soft