DVD Studio Pro - Transitions

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When you add a transition to a menu, to a still clip in a track, or to slides in a slideshow,
you need to account for the additional video it creates.

• In the case of menus, the transitions become short rendered video clips stored in the

same video object (VOB) file as the menus. This means that, in addition to the overall
amount of disc space menu transitions require, you must also consider their impact on
the 1 GB menu VOB file size limit. See

Standard SD DVD Video Zone Files

for more

information. You must also take into account that a transition video clip is rendered
for each menu button that has transitions enabled—a menu with 18 buttons can require
18 transition video clips.

• In the case of still clips in a track and slides in a slideshow, adding transitions increases

the amount of disc space each requires even if the transition does not increase the
length of the track or slideshow. This is because stills and slides use much less disc
space than the motion video created by the transitions, even if the transition is from
one slide to another.

The amount of disc space required by each transition varies depending on their length
and type. In general, for SD projects, which use a bit rate of 6 Mbps for transitions, you
should allow 750 KB of disc space for every second of transition time in the project. For
HD projects, which use a bit rate of 20 Mbps for transitions, you should allow 2.5 MB of
disc space per second.