DVD Studio Pro - Deciding What Content to Include

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Deciding What Content to Include

The audio, video, and still-image files used by DVD Studio Pro in authoring DVD projects
are known as assets. Often you’ll have a good idea of what primary assets you want to
include when you start your project, but you may think of additional items once it is too
late to create them. For example, providing a second language may greatly increase the
value of a corporate title but may require you to create new menus to support it.

Additionally, including nontraditional items on a DVD, such as PDF files and web links,
can add a great deal of value to titles that will be viewed on computers.

You may also have the opposite problem—you may have too much content for a DVD
title. Be sure you know which content is required and which is optional. Explore the
feasibility of creating a dual-layer DVD or double-sided DVD. Some content may be suitable
for encoding at lower bit rates or as MPEG-1 streams. Perhaps instead of using
uncompressed AIFF audio, you can use Dolby Digital AC-3 to save space. See

Making Sure

Your Content Will Fit

for more information.