DVD Studio Pro - SCSI Devices

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SCSI Devices

DVD Burners

DLT Drives

External Video and Audio Monitoring

Hard Disk Storage

No matter what sort of titles you intend to create, you will be working with very large

You should have at least twice as much hard disk storage space as the size of your project.
(For DVD-5, for example, which can hold about 4.4 GB, you need 4.4 GB for the MPEG-2
encoded asset files and another 4.4 GB to hold the built, or compiled, project. An HD
project can require about 60 GB to hold the asset and built project. Original asset files,
such as DV format video, require much more space than the MPEG-2 encoded versions
used in your DVD project.) For best build performance, dedicate two or three Ultra Wide
A/V or FireWire hard disks to your project. (Make sure they contain only your media and
no other programs that might fragment the disk and decrease performance.) If you have
three disks, use one for video assets, one for audio assets, and the third for the finished
files. If you have two disks, use one for source assets and one for final files.

SCSI Devices

Depending on your needs, you may need to add external devices—such as hard disks
and DLT drives—that require SCSI support.

To use SCSI devices, you must either have your Mac properly equipped when ordering
it or add a third-party SCSI PCI card to your existing desktop computer. Contact your
Apple Authorized Reseller or see the Support area of the Apple website for a list of
suggested SCSI cards and devices.


Chapter 1

Overview of Using DVD Studio Pro