DVD Studio Pro - Using DVCPRO HD and Uncompressed HD Assets

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Using DVCPRO HD and Uncompressed HD Assets

Another source of HD assets for your HD projects is video encoded with the DVCPRO HD
compression types or uncompressed video. DVCPRO HD video, like DVCPRO SD video,
and uncompressed video cannot be used directly in your DVD Studio Pro projects. You
can import them, however, and DVD Studio Pro will automatically encode them to
compatible HD MPEG-2 assets using the integrated MPEG encoder. You can also encode
them to HD MPEG-2 or H.264 using Compressor or QuickTime.

Note: Using the Animation codec with HD resolution video can significantly reduce your
computer’s performance and should be avoided if possible. An alternative is to use the
Apple Intermediate Codec.


Chapter 1

Overview of Using DVD Studio Pro