DVD Studio Pro - External Video and Audio Monitoring

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External Video and Audio Monitoring

You can configure your system to support external video and audio monitors. This makes
it possible to more closely simulate a viewer’s environment before you build the project
and burn a test DVD.

When using external monitors, keep the following in mind:

• External video monitors are only used during simulation.

• External audio monitors are active during simulation and while playing from the Assets

tab or any of the editors (Track, Story, Slideshow, and Menu Editors).

• When you are using an external video monitor, the Simulator window on your computer

is inactive.

• You cannot use the pointer to click buttons on the external video monitor. You must

control the simulation by using the Simulator window’s controls.

• Depending on your system and the video being simulated, frames may be skipped

during playback to maintain synchronized playback with the audio.

The Simulator pane in DVD Studio Pro Preferences contains settings that control whether
the external video and audio monitors are used. Additionally, the Simulator contains
settings that allow you to change the display mode (4:3 Pan-Scan, 4:3 Letterbox, or 16:9)
and resolution (SD, HD 720, or HD 1080). See

Simulator Preferences


Simulating with

an External Video and Audio Monitor

for more information.


Chapter 1

Overview of Using DVD Studio Pro