DVD Studio Pro - Using the DVD Studio Pro Tools

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Using the DVD Studio Pro Tools

DVD Studio Pro includes integrated MPEG and AIFF encoders. When you add a QuickTime
asset directly to your DVD Studio Pro project, it is automatically encoded to be
DVD-compliant. You can choose whether the asset is encoded in the background while
you continue authoring or whether the encode waits until you build your project.

Also included with Final Cut Studio is Compressor, an encoding tool that provides
additional MPEG encoding configurations and can process batches of video and audio
clips in one step.


Chapter 1

Overview of Using DVD Studio Pro

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For many projects you will probably want to use a Dolby-certified AC-3 encoder (such as
the AC-3 encoder included with Compressor). An AC-3 encoder can be used to encode
multichannel surround soundtracks for inclusion on a DVD, as well as for stereo or mono
soundtracks. Using AC-3 encoded audio results in smaller files and a lower playback bit
rate. Uncompressed PCM audio formats (WAV or AIFF) have significantly larger file sizes
and generally do not support specialized soundtrack formats, such as surround channels.