DVD Studio Pro - Formatting and Burning

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Formatting and Burning

Depending on the quantity of DVD discs you need, you can:

Burn one or more DVDs on your system (if properly equipped): This is a quick way to create

a test disc.

Note: You cannot add high-end features such as copy protection.

Send a burned disc to a duplicator who can burn additional copies for you: This allows

you to create more discs than you would want to burn on your own system at a lower
cost than using a replicator. Because the copies are based on a disc you burn on your
system, the duplicated discs have the same restrictions as when you burn on your

Prepare suitable files to send to a DVD replication facility: Use a replicator to make copies

that are compatible with all DVD players, to create larger quantities of discs, and to
include specialized features not supported by your system’s DVD burner.

If you are using a DVD replication facility, you can deliver your project to the facility in
several ways:

DLT: Digital Linear Tape (DLT) is the preferred method for sending an SD DVD project

to a DVD replication facility. DVD Studio Pro supports writing directly to a DLT drive.
DLT is well suited to transporting DVD projects because of its reliability and very high


You cannot write HD DVD projects to a DLT drive.

Burned DVD: Many DVD replicators accept DVD discs that you’ve burned on your system

for replication. There are special requirements if you want to include high-end features
such as dual-layer and copy protection. See

DVD Burners

for more information on using

burned DVD discs for replication, including information about the Cutting Master
Format (CMF).

Hard Disk: You can format your SD or HD project to an external hard disk and send the

hard disk to your replicator. By selecting a CMF or DDP format, you can also include
advanced features such as copy protection. This method works especially well for large
HD projects.

Electronic Copy: Some replicators have provisions that allow you to transfer the project’s

build files directly to their server using the Internet.


Output Devices

for information on using these methods for delivering projects to



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