DVD Studio Pro - Capturing from an Audio or Video Player

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Capturing from an Audio or Video Player

Often your assets will be edited at a post-production facility and you will capture them
directly from a video- or audiotape player. In this case, you must have a third-party capture
card that supports the video and audio formats used. This video must be captured using
Final Cut Pro (or a similar application) in a QuickTime format that the DVD Studio Pro
integrated MPEG encoder can convert to DVD-compliant formats, or captured directly as
DVD-compliant MPEG and audio sources.


Chapter 1

Overview of Using DVD Studio Pro

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Before you start authoring your DVD title, it is highly recommended that you set aside
time to plan your project. Spending time in the beginning to outline the various aspects
of the project will lead to a smoother production with minimal surprises.

This chapter covers the following:

Investigating Existing DVDs

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Determining Your Target Audience and Playback Device

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Deciding Which DVD Standard to Use

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Deciding Which Video Standard to Use

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Deciding What Content to Include

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Creating a Storyboard

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Designing the Menus and Buttons

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Making Sure Your Content Will Fit

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General DVD Limitations

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Investigating Existing DVDs

A very effective way to start planning your project is to spend some time viewing existing
DVDs. This process provides you with examples of ways others approached various aspects
of their DVD projects, such as using slideshows or providing language selections. It can
also help you understand how frustrating the viewing experience can be when a disc has
poorly conceived menus or confusing interactivity.

Not all DVD titles are Hollywood releases—be sure to look at a variety of titles, especially
those that best match the goals of your project.

Keep in mind that, while DVD Studio Pro provides the tools needed to create highly
complex DVDs, most Hollywood-style titles have teams of specialists who work on each
project. Before you set out to create a complicated DVD, make sure you understand all
aspects of what is involved, and are prepared to deal with them.