DVD Studio Pro - Blue Laser Disc Media

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Blue Laser Disc Media

Due to the improved video resolution possible with HD video, the encoded video files
for HD resolution DVDs can be larger than those used with SD resolution DVDs. For that
reason, a media format based on a blue laser was designed specifically for DVD projects
containing HD video. See the following table for a comparison of SD and HD disc sizes.

Blue laser capacity

Red laser capacity


15 GB

4.7 GB

Single-sided, single-layer

30 GB

8.54 GB

Single-sided, dual-layer

In addition to blue laser based DVD media, an HD project’s DVD video zone can be written
to DVD media based on the red lasers used by traditional DVDs. (The obvious limitation
is that you will not be able to fit as much video data on the disc.)


SD-based DVD players are not able to play DVD projects containing HD content,

whether they are on red or blue laser media. Additionally, only HD projects on special 3x
DVD-ROM red laser media are officially supported in the HD DVD specification. You can
burn HD projects to traditional red laser media on your system; however, the discs might
not play in all HD DVD players.