DVD Studio Pro - Viewing the Drop Palette

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Viewing the Drop Palette

The Drop Palette appears when you drag items to the Menu Editor.

To see the Drop Palette


Drag the asset to the Menu Editor. When it’s positioned exactly where you want it, hold
the asset there while you keep the mouse button pressed.

The Menu pane of DVD Studio Pro Preferences contains a setting that controls the length
of the delay before the Drop Palette appears. See

Menu Preferences

for more information.


Chapter 12

Introduction to Creating Menus

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The options in the Drop Palette depend on the type of asset you are dragging, whether
you drag it to a button or an empty area of the menu, and the type of menu (standard
or layered). For example, if you drag a video asset to an existing button, the Drop Palette
provides the options of linking the video to the button and creating a track for it. If you
drag the same asset to an empty part of the menu, the Drop Palette contains options for
either using the video as the background, or adding a button at that location and linking
it to the video.

If you drag an asset and you don’t see the options you expect in the Drop Palette: You may

not have dragged it to the right place. Continue holding down the mouse button and
drag the asset to the correct location.

If you drag to the menu but do not wait for the Drop Palette to appear: A default action

is applied.

If you select an option that creates a new button on the menu: That button will use the

default button style assigned to that menu. This style can determine whether or not
the new button shows a thumbnail image of the asset.

If you are dragging multiple assets or elements and will be creating multiple buttons: The

new buttons will be stacked together. To avoid problems with having overlapping
buttons on a menu, be sure to drag them away from each other after they have been


Options in the Drop Palette for Standard Menus


Options in the Drop Palette for

Layered Menus

for a complete list of Drop Palette options and details on what they do.